Wellness services

Wellness services are available to anyone who has not been diagnosed with a medical condition in the last 3 months. You do not require a prescription from your medical care provider to receive wellness care.

These services are for anyone, young or not so young, who has musculoskeletal concerns, such as tightness, soreness for no reason, interrupted nights, morning stiffness, etc., or who simply wishes to start exercising but has questions how to go about it. A few wellness sessions will give you a good idea of your capabilities and help you decide:

- Do you want to exercise in a group? As in Zumba, or dance, or 'get fit with Leslie?'

- Do you want to exercise in a gym?

- Do you want to exercise in the great outdoors? As in walking, or biking, or jogging?

Even if you have no specific concerns, wellness care can help prevent future problems.

Wellness sessions can be scheduled weekly, monthly, or however you prefer. They can make you feel GOOD, ready to make today a better day.

Examples of wellness services include:

  • Prevention of pain and loss of functional ability
  • Stress reduction
  • Fitness & confitioning
  • Postural instruction
  • Functional exercise programs
  • Balance training

Please call or text Ulrike "Ulli" Naresh at 504-251-5229 if your condition or what you need are not mentioned here, or if you have a question!