"I can't thank you enough for providing me with not only PT but also encouragement to grow into mind body awareness. For years any thought about my right hip was met with tightness, weakness and pain, now I can feel it is strong, which is completely mind blowing ... Your expertise and attention have done wonders for me. Thank you!

Liz - Metairie

Ulli has helped me manage and address underlying neck and back issues related to scoliosis, thyroid surgery, and a car-accident related neck injury for nearly seven years. In only one or two sessions every year or so, her techniques and advice help to mitigate pain and improve my mobility in a holistic way without medication.         

Sarah - New Orleans

I had been suffering from severe heel pain for quite some time. It totally prevented me from using my new Fitbit while exercise walking. My orthopedic surgeon advised me to take pain medication, to get injections or possibly have surgery. I asked for Physical Therapy and turned to my friend, Ulrike Naresh, PT. Her Myofascial Release treatment was gentle and specific to my condition. It helped alleviate my pain and has been a great relief. I am carefully resuming my walking program and am now doing much better. Thank you, Ulrike.

Bernadette - New Orleans