Purchase Price $692,000

2 bed · 1 bath · 120 sqm

As our name indicates, bespokeMFR provides individualized, skilled, hands-on treatments, custom-tailored to your particular needs after a thorough evaluation of your condition. We believe no two patients are identical, so their therapies shouldn't be either.

Our treatment approach is based upon Myofascial Release, a scientifically validated and evidence-based set of techniques pioneered by John F. Barnes, PT, designed to affect and release the muscles ("myo") and tissue ("fascia") that hold all bodily structures in place. This release reduces pain and relieves the symptoms associated with a wide range of chronic conditions affecting people of all ages, including neck & back pain, knee pain, headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, and many more. Using these techniques, and with the patient's active participation, mind and body work together to produce lasting relief.

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